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7 Summer Remodeling Projects to Prepare Your Home for Sale

Summer remodeling projects help improve your chances of a fast sale. If you plan on selling your home this summer, consider a few of these projects to help move your house quickly and (possibly) increase the sale price!

What Makes a Good Summer Remodeling Project for Selling a Home?

There are a few factors that make a project ideal for the summer months, but the projects we have decided to focus on are, generally speaking, easier to complete during the summer and impact how people look at homes during warm, pleasant weather.

A good summer remodeling or renovation project is one that takes advantage of the season. You can, for example, remodel a bathroom any time of year, but it’s hard to build a deck in frosty, blustery winter weather.

People look at houses differently in the summer. They tend to spend more time looking at the exterior, walking around the house and noting fixture and features that are useful during warm weather. In the winter, they may simply glance at the backyard; during the summer, they will give the backyard a thorough inspection. This means the exterior needs to be just as attractive as the interior.

But of course, there is also the issue of enhancing the value, reducing time on the market, or both. This principle matters during any season, and the projects we have selected deliver on these qualities.

7 Summer Projects to Prepare Your Home for the Real Estate Market

1. Manufactured Stone Veneer

If you want to improve the “curb appeal” of your home while enhancing the overall value and sales potential, a manufactured stone veneer is one of the best projects. According to the annual national survey conducted by Remodeling Magazine, a manufactured stone veneer has an average job cost just over $9,000, making it a relatively affordable project. But it also recoups almost 96% of its cost in sales value.

And if you live in the western U.S., the recoup is even greater. In the Pacific Region, you can recover almost 120% of your investment in a manufactured stone veneer. During the summer, this project will make your home look outstanding!

2. Garage Door Replacement

A new garage door hits the sweet spot of functionality combined with attractive results. Obviously a functioning garage door is one of the essential parts of a modern home, but a new, clean, undamaged door also makes the front of the house far more attractive. It can also add value, recouping 94% nationally and 117% in the Pacific Region.

Simple landscaping and summer trimming can enhance the appeal of your home.

3. Simple Trimming, Cutting, Pruning, and Cleaning

When selling a home, simple projects are often the most effective, and can be the best use of your time or money. Spending a Saturday afternoon trimming bushes, cutting dead branches, edging the walkways, and putting down fresh mulch will make your house far more attractive. When potential buyers walk around your house, they’ll see that this is a house for someone who cares, which sends a subtle, positive message about how you treated other areas of the home.

4. Build a Porch, Patio, or Deck

In the late fall, early spring, and depths of winter, a backyard porch is not an ideal place to spend your time. If someone comes to look at your property when it’s cold and snowy, they likely won’t spend a lot of time looking at the deck or patio.

But in the summer, this feature can become one of the most interesting and in-demand features of your home. Visitors can see themselves grilling with friends and family on a warm July evening, and that mental image can help sell your home in a hurry.

5. Pressure Wash the Siding

A dirty, dusty house is far less attractive to potential buyers, but you can enhance overall sales potential by simply pressure washing the siding. This is a simple project that can be completed quickly, and it’s will give your home a fresh, shiny, clean appearance.

Pressure washers are relatively affordable, but you can also hire a professional to complete this task for you.

6. Siding Replacement

If the siding is worn and broken, a simple cleaning with a pressure washer won’t do the trick. However, you can enhance the look of your home with new siding, which will make it far more attractive to potential buyers.

To be fair, this is not a cheap fix; according to Remodeling Magazine, the average national cost for vinyl siding replacement is over $14,000 and only recoups about 78% of its price. However, no other project will enhance the overall appearance of your home better than new vinyl siding.

7. Replace the Front Door

As the cliche goes, you only get one chance at a first impression. Few aspects of the home do more for (or against) that first impression than the front door. If your current door is beaten, worn, or faded, it sends a poor message before someone even enters the home. But a new door helps enhance the curb appeal and gives your house a well-kept appearance.

The front door is often easy to replace, and many people can complete this step on their own. However, most professionals can complete this task in less than a day, making for a quick, convenient process.

What Loans are Available for these Projects?

Some of these projects are fairly affordable. Some are pretty much free; all you need is some time and the right tools. But others cost tens of thousands of dollars. A new deck addition in the Pacific Region has an average cost over $18,000.

For many people, this means a home-improvement loan will be required. There are many options available, including 203(k) loans, HomeStyle Renovation loans, and even HELOC financing that can be used to improve your home.

If you will place your home on the market this summer, let us help you pay for summer remodeling projects that make your house more attractive to potential buyers.

We can also help with your next mortgage loan, and we’ll proudly deliver outstanding service and common-sense underwriting from start to finish. You deserve affordable financing for all your property and real estate needs, so contact our staff today to learn more!