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Asset Utilization

Loans for Retired Real Estate Investors

Am I Eligible?

  • Credit Score: 620 or Better
  • Purchase of Primary and Second Homes only
  • Loan amounts up ranging $3.5M – $10M
  • Unrestricted access to your assets is needed
  • All Owners of Assets must be listed on the loan
  • Best when used after 59.5 years of age to avoid fees

Qualifying Factors:
Income and Assets

When a borrower owns a considerable amount of liquid assets but does not have a regular source of income, bank statements of checking or savings accounts, money market funds, stocks, mutual funds, and even amounts in retirement funds can be used as qualifying assets for this program. It takes a bit of calculation but lenders with experience find this program to be exactly what their retired borrowers need. 

This Program utilizes the following alternative financial documentation:

Recent checking or savings bank statements

401K or Roth IRA

Rental income and liquid asset statements

Divorce and retiree income

How we calculate "Income" from Assets

  • Step One: Determine 70% of total of qualifying asset accounts
  • Step Two: Reduce Total for Fees and Expenses
  • Step Three: Divide by the Number of Months on the Future Loan

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