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2024 loan limits

2024 Loan Limits are Available Now!

Update: 2024 is here, and so are the 2024 loan limits. If you are considering a new house in the coming year, you should learn about upcoming loan limits so you can purchase the best

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Buy a Home on Leased Land

The dream of homeownership often conjures images of a quaint house nestled on a piece of land that you can call your own. However, in some cases, individuals choose to purchase homes on leased land,

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home opportunity program map

Reduced Interest Rates in Eligible Markets

Our new Home Opportunity Program can offer lower than market interest rates when purchasing a home located in a designated census tract. Check Property Address Eligiblity. Start Here Our Home Opportunity Program is geographically based

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Cash-Out in a Divorce

In a situation of a divorce there is typically a requirement of the settlement of the family home or other jointly owned property. This settlement is typically handled by the sale of the homes or

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Closing a Home Loan in the Name of an LLC

There are multiple reasons that residential real estate investors make the decision to Vest or Deed their property in the name of an LLC. Asset Protection: One of the primary reasons individuals choose to use

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