Funded: 2 Years After Short-Sale 20% Down 5.75% (5.875% APR)

Another area that we’re starting to see lenders expand their offerings is programs for borrowers who have had a short-sale within the past 4 years.

The interest rates on these loans however are usually in the high 6’s and even 7 percent range, which are much higher than typical market rates.

Fortunately, Home Point Financial has purchase loans available to qualified borrowers that have had a prior short-sale or foreclosure, with interest rates below 6% with 20% down on a 5/1 ARM.

Home Pointe also has an exclusive relationship with a credit union offering loan options to borrowers who have had a short sale or foreclosure within one year, with 25% down and rates as low as 4.125% (4.203% APR).


How Else Can I Get Funded?

You can also purchase a home 3 years after short-sale or foreclosure using FHA financing. The waiting period to purchase a home using Conventional financing is 4 years from a short-sale, and 7 years from a foreclosure.

Programs are also available that allow you to purchase a home in as little as one day after a short-sale or foreclosure, but they require a minimum of 20% down, and interest rates are much higher compared to the other programs.

Call or email Chad Baker with any questions to purchase a home after a short-sale or foreclosure.


Everything about our transaction with this lender was perfectly explained to us, easy to do, and they were able to help us get our loan closed ahead of schedule. It was a perfect 10 and we couldn’t have been happier with the whole thing

Amazing Service!

Chad and his team were very attentive to all of my needs, they called , emailed and checked in often. No question was left unanswered! Maria was a superstar! taking all my calls no matter the time or day and walking me through every process. The follow through was amazing and I am just so happy that my realtor referred them to me. I was originally referred to another lender that pretty much had no time for me nor did they even bother to try and find me the right loan since I am a widow with one income and a first time buyer with so so credit. I am completely happy with my loan and everything they did for me! Thank you Chad, Maria and Karina for all you did!

Thank you, Chad. You have been amazingly responsive to all my questions, and you have a great staff assisting you. Thanks so much for all your help!

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