Can You Have More Than One VA Home Loan At The Same Time?

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It’s not common, but yes, there are scenarios that allow VA borrowers to have two or more VA loans active at the same time. The typical situation is when a VA homeowner has been reassigned to a new duty station and they’ve decided to convert their primary residence into a rental.

The determination of eligibility is based on a calculation of Guarantee:

Here’s how the math works, assuming you’re buying in San Diego County with a loan limit of $562,350

  • $562,350 X .25% = $140,587.50 Maximum Guaranty
  • $140,587.50– $36,000 (entitlement you have used on the other VA property) = $104,587.50
  • $140,587.50 X 4 = $418,350

If you already have one VA loan, the maximum zero down payment VA loan that you can qualify for in San Diego County is $418,350. You can purchase a property above this amount as long as you provide a down payment. Each county in California has its own VA loan limit, so the calculations will differ.

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