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Attention Multiple Property Investors

Home Point

Financial is excited to announce a new mortgage product that is designed to help the owners of multiple (10+) investment properties.

In addition to purchasing additional properties, this new product also allows investors to cash-out as well as restructure existing loans on the properties in order to improve cash flow. These “Non- QM” portfolio loan products are unique in each of the following ways:

  • There is no limit to the number of financed properties
  • The loan program does not require tax returns of any kind
  • Income to qualify is based on the market rents of the property (confirmed by appraisal)
  • Reserve requirements are only 6 months of the payment for that specific property not all properties
  • Loans can be made to an LLC with member personal guarantee
  • Maximum loan to value 80%
  • Minimum credit score 680

Call or email Chad Baker to discuss your individual investment property scenario.

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