Attention Multiple Property Investors

Home Point

Financial is excited to announce a new mortgage product that is designed to help the owners of multiple (10+) investment properties.

In addition to purchasing additional properties, this new product also allows investors to cash-out as well as restructure existing loans on the properties in order to improve cash flow. These “Non- QM” portfolio loan products are unique in each of the following ways:

  • There is no limit to the number of financed properties
  • The loan program does not require tax returns of any kind
  • Income to qualify is based on the market rents of the property (confirmed by appraisal)
  • Reserve requirements are only 6 months of the payment for that specific property not all properties
  • Loans can be made to an LLC with member personal guarantee
  • Maximum loan to value 80%
  • Minimum credit score 680

Call or email Chad Baker to discuss your individual investment property scenario.


Chad and his team are fantastic!

Chad and his team assisted me with the financing of my condo. Every member of Chad’s team was extremely professional, highly competent, super responsive, and friendly. They realize that financing a home can be a stressful experience and they do their best to alleviate that stress by keeping you in the loop on everything. They were great about giving me frequent updates on the status of my application. In addition, they happily answered my questions. At one point, when I felt like I was pestering Chad with questions, his response was a friendly, “keep them coming!” And he meant it!!! Likewise, Maria and Karina were just a pleasure to work with as well! This team is like a fine-tuned machine. Thank you so much for all of your help!!!

Awesome Team

Chad and his team was awesome throughout the entire process. They made things easy and smooth, and able to answer any questions at anytime. By far the best experience with a lending team yet. Great job!”

Everything about our transaction with this lender was perfectly explained to us, easy to do, and they were able to help us get our loan closed ahead of schedule. It was a perfect 10 and we couldn’t have been happier with the whole thing

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