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Mexico Home Financing for US Citizens

Get second home & investment financing for the purchase of properties in the resort cities of Mexico. More and more borrowers now seek home and condotel funding options in Mexico. However, purchasing a property in Mexico requires you to create a legal trust. Educate yourself with the options and procedures in order to make a smart investment decision.

Cabo San Lucas
Puerto Vallarta
Punta de Mita
San José del Cabo



The property in Mexico is purchased in a trust with the buyer and the investor as co-executors of the trust with a cross-collateralization of a property owned by the buyer in the United States. The program will finance a loan amount up to $3 million dollars with a minimum down payment of 30% and must own a property in the US with a minimum of 10% equity within the property. Contact Chad Baker today for terms and more information.


  • Property is closed in a trust, called “Fideicomiso” in Spanish
  • Lender is co-executor of the trust and in the event of non-payment they take over the property
  • Cross collateralization a property in the US is required in the amount of the loan in Mexico
  • Equity requirement in US is 10% used more for security for the property in Mexico
  • SFR, condo, condo-tel,
  • Minimum Fico score 580
  • Full doc, 24 month income bank statement, blended income
  • Max loan amount $2m
  • 70% loan to value Max
  • Resort cities ideally
  • Standard UW fee $1,795