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Renovation & Remodel


This is an extremely versatile conventional loan product that will allow a borrower to purchase a home and finance the repairs or to make repairs to an existing property. The program will facilitate the renovations of owner-occupied, second home, and even investment properties. It is important to consult a loan officer that has actual experience with this program. Chad Baker has facilitated the funding of over 50 renovation loans including his own properties.


FHA 203K

FHA’s version of the renovation home loan can also be used to purchase a property and finance the repairs or can be used in a refinance to make repairs on an existing property. Unlike the HomeStyle renovation program FHA 203k can only be used on an owner occupied property.


While the HomeStyle renovation product will finance a renovation up to the county high balance loan limit, there are also renovation financing products for project that exceed this loan amount. These loan programs will resemble more of a traditional construction loan program, but are also available for properties designated owner-occupied, second home, investor, and even available for owner-builders.



For the past several years the ability to build your own home has been discouraged by a limited access to loan programs that would facilitate the purchase of land and construction programs. Lot loans and construction loans are very much available for owner-occupied, second home, investment and even owner builder projects.