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Alternative Income Specialist

We provide multiple solutions for borrowers looking to qualify for a home loan without tax returns.


Conforming and Jumbo Loan Amounts
With loan amounts up to $10M and a down payment of 20-25%, 

Bank Statement Loan Program
For the Self-employed borrower looking to qualify without tax returns and a W2. The process of prequalification for this program is not unlike any other home loan. You will complete a mortgage application using a secure online website, and instead of tax returns or paystubs, you will provide 12 months of personal or business statements. An income to qualify confirmation will take 48 hours, and you will receive a detailed financing presentation outlining your mortgage options.

Primary and second homes have 75% Cash-out up to $30 Million

Investor Cash Flow/Debt Service Coverage Ratio
DSCR loans focus on qualifying you based on your credit score and the cash flow of your rental property. For purchases, a rental survey is conducted by an appraiser, unless the property is already rented. If you plan to refinance, the final loan amount will be determined after appraisal review and are available for cash-out with a .75 ratio.

No Ratio Loans
This program is exactly what it sounds like—there is no rental income required to qualify. It has been identified extremely useful for properties where the market rents are not supporting the debt of higher acquisition prices. There are very few investors that are offering a true no ratio program and we are one of them.

Featured Non-QM Transactions

Real Estate Agent

  • 12-Month Bank Statement on Investment Property Duplex
  • Purchase Price $2,035,000
  • 30% Down Payment
  • Loan Amount $1,424,500 | 30yr Fixed Only
  • LTV 70%


  • 12-Month Bank Statement, Rate & Term Refinance
  • Consolidation of a Hard Money Second
  • Loan Amount $1,999,000 | 30yr Fixed Fully Amortized
  • LTV 59.9%

Owner of a Crossfit Gym

  • 12-Month Bank Statement, Purchase of an Owner-Occupied Property
  • Purchase Price $871,250
  • 15% Down payment
  • Loan Amount 1,025,000 | 30yr Fixed Fully Amortized
  • LTV 85%


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