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Vacation Property in San Diego:  What to consider when Purchasing a Beach House

If you are considering a vacation property in San Diego, such as a high-rise condo or a beach house, you have a lot to consider. We certainly can’t make the decision for you, but we can help you think through your choices.

7 Things to Look for When Purchasing a Vacation Property In San Diego

1. A Quality Structure

All the amenities and luxuries in the world will be forgotten if your vacation property does not have a strong foundation and reliable structure. Make sure the home you are buying is safe, reliable, and well-kept and you’ll get far more enjoyment from the property.

What, exactly, should you be looking for? There are many structural issues to watch out for (and a professional inspection is likely your best option), but you’ll want to look for a home that has a good foundation, a reliable roof, secure windows, and siding that is in good shape. 

2. The Location

The exact location will make a big difference in how much you enjoy the vacation home in the San Diego area. Much of this has to do with your goals for the property. Are you looking for a vacation home where you can escape the hustle of modern life, or do you want a place that lets you walk to all of San Diego’s world-class attractions? Do you want to escape the activities and crowds, or do you want to jump in?

Think about your desired location, and make sure this factor is considered when you are shopping for a vacation home in San Diego.

3. Distance from Your Home

How far is too far? Each person and each family will have their own preferences, but many people prefer a vacation property that is within a half-day’s driving distance from their home. At this distance, you can enjoy a quick weekend getaway to San Diego and be back in your home by Sunday evening.

There are, however, distance requirements for certain loans on second homes and vacation properties. Some loans have requirements that the vacation property be a certain distance from your primary residence; something to keep in mind when making your purchase.

4. Potential to Resell

It’s hard to imagine that any vacation property in San Diego would have a hard time finding a buyer in the future, but you still need to consider that property’s resale potential. Eventually, the property will move to new owners; whether you decide to sell after a few years or the property is sold as part of your estate, it will move to a new owner eventually.

Like all real estate purchases, you need to consider the property’s chances of bringing a good selling price. Can it reasonably be expected to sell quickly for a decent number?

5. Amenities That You Prefer

Everyone has different preferences for their vacation homes. Some want a luxurious property with all the best amenities; they want comfortable luxury, entertainment, and relaxation all in one location.

What do you prefer? If you want a vacation home with a pool or hot tub, you can likely find one in the San Diego area. If you want a vacation property that simply provides a comfortable living space in a location you prefer, you can find that as well.

6. Enough Space to Enjoy It

“Enough space” is a relative term. If you are purchasing a vacation home, you should have enough space that you and your family can enjoy the property. From some families, that means an individual bedroom for each person, and multiple bathrooms to ensure the peace and serenity among the family members. For other families, couples with no children, or single individuals, a small space is enough.

The amount of space you need may depend on your purpose for purchasing a vacation home in San Diego. If you are buying the property as a place to stay in San Diego, but you’ll only be there at night, then you may not need as much space. But if you want a vacation property where you will stay put and spend most of your time, a larger space may be better.

7. Local Regulations for Renting the Space

Each city, county, and state has different regulations for vacation properties. These regulations are particularly important if you will use the vacation property in San Diego, in part or in full, as a rental. Most recently, the San Diego City Council enacted regulations that limited short-term vacation rentals in the city.

By the time you purchase, these rules could have changed entirely, becoming either more strict or allowing for freer use of your property. Your ability to make money on the property could be subject to the whims of local politicians; this needs to considered when you are making the purchase.

You deserve to have a beach house that looks elegant and attractive. Of course, this doesn’t hurt resale potential!

8. Nice Aesthetics

Does it matter if your vacation home looks nice? If the goal is to enjoy the property, then yes, it does. A vacation property with good aesthetics, one that is designed with style, well-kept, and attractive to the eye, will increase your potential for enjoyment. Even if it fits your needs, if it looks bad it won’t be as enjoyable.

9. A Property that Fits Your Desired Vacation

You will be investing a lot of money into your vacation home. Unlike a single vacation, you will likely be returning to the place over and over again. So what is your ideal vacation? Do you want to enjoy a vibrant city or relax on a quiet deck? Do you want to walk to nearby events and attractions, or do you want to escape the metro area? Make sure the property you are purchasing, which will inevitably cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, fits your ideal vacation.

Proudly Helping You Purchase a Dream Vacation Home in San Diego

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